6 Best Methods for Patio Pest Control

patio pest control

It’s preferable to clean at the beginning of the warmer seasons so you can remove any debris and mildew that may have formed during the winter months.  Having a clean patio, you can reduce the number of bugs that may visit it.

Light Up Your Fire Pit

Fire pits are a useful and decorative addition to your patio, but they are also a wonderful way to deter bugs! The heart, the bright light, and the air movement created by the open flames can keep bugs at bay and keep your evening outside enjoyable. It also gives you a cozy spot on your patio to enjoy in the cool evenings!

If your fire pit has a surface to cook on, you can even enjoy food outside without any bugs trying to get into it. Make some smores with your friends and family without worrying about a bug getting stuck in them!

Use Citronella Candles

If you’re looking for an effective, long-lasting item that functions as mosquito and fly repellent, consider Citronella candles. Purchasing a few of these to place in the surrounding area around your porch can keep bugs, especially mosquitoes, at bay. The heat of the flame and the essence of the citronella will deter pests.

You can find citronella in the form of candles, as well as oil to place in torches. Make sure to place them away from any flammable surfaces or items. They’ll help prevent pesky bug bites, with the added bonus of keeping your patio smelling nice!

Install Porch Fans

Flying insects tend to dislike strong airflow, but you never know when the wind is going to blow across your patio. Keep the air moving by installing fans on your patio to deter bugs from flying around your porch.

Floor and standing fans will blow air outward, but if you have a covered patio, set your ceiling fan blades to spin counterclockwise. This will push the air downward and make it difficult for flying insects to move around. Fans are a good way to maintain ongoing patio pest control, and to also keep your porch cool and refreshing in the summer!

Use Warm Lighting

If there’s one thing that attracts bugs easily, it’s light. Like a magnet for insects, lights draw flying bugs close and keep them hovering in the area. Obviously, you don’t want them flocking to your patio, but you don’t want to lose the lighting. A good solution is changing the type of lights you have.

Insects are attracted to cooler lighting, such as blue light, ultraviolet light, and other short-wavelength short lights. Switching to warmer lights, like reds, yellows, and oranges, can help keep the bugs away. Setting your lights to a dimmer setting can also reduce the number of insects that show up on your patio, without leaving you completely in the dark.

Repel Insects with All-Natural Bug Spray

It’s frustrating to deal with bugs on your patio in general, but it’s worse when the bugs want to buzz close around you. Bug spray is a great way to ward off insects, but you want the right kind. Generic sprays are greasy and sticky, and you don’t want to worry about mystery ingredients and harmful chemicals in them.

If you’re wanting a natural repellent that works, look to Lemongrass Farms for our lemongrass bug spray and fly repellent! Our formula is 100% natural, smells great, and is non-greasy. It’s the best bug spray for kids and adults alike. The organic ingredients, such as lemongrass and peppermint oil, are natural deterrents for insects, and don’t irritate your skin. You can spend your day on the patio, free of irritating bug bites. Enjoy your time outside and say goodbye to those pesky bugs!