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finally, a bug spray you love to use

TREK is the first all natural insect repellent that moisturizes, cools, and soothes your skin. After extensive research, Lemongrass Farms has created the perfect insect repellent that gives you ultimate protection while not compromising your choice to use an all-natural product. TREK smells amazing, feels great on your skin, and is 100% bio-based and contains ZERO “mystery” ingredients!

trek® for kids

“no yucky stuff!”

Looking for an all-natural insect repellent for the little ones? Look no further than TREK™ for Kids! Made entirely will all-natural ingredients and free of mystery chemicals, this gentle water-based formula is perfect for sensitive skin. Also, it’s “Super Chillin’ Lemon Mint” botanical aroma is a lovely experience compared to the stinky, toxic alternatives.

trek for kids


five star reviews

Feels AMAZING on skin! The cool, refreshing effects of this product on my skin have made me a customer of life!! I’m in my late 50s and i can’t believe it took the world this long to finally get an insect repellent right. Thanks for a great product.


Create a "NO FLY" Zone!

SCRAM™ is an all-natural fly repellent to keep flies away from your next outdoor gathering. Made with food-grade essential oils and free of mystery chemicals, SCRAM! is an AREA TREATMENT perfect for picnics, barbecues, or family outings. Simply spray SCRAM™ around your dining area before setting the table, or periodically throughout the event to enjoy fly-free fun! SCRAM™ also works great for other flying insects that won’t leave you alone.

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Your purchase supports building habitats for bees and butterflies.
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five star reviews

“Doesn’t sting your shaved legs. The moisturizing effect is real. AND it repelled the marsh gnats. For that, I recommend!”


five star reviews

“We used this product two weeks ago at an outdoor concert. Very effective against no see ums and mosquitos. Smells great. I love, love this product!”


five star reviews

I love this product! Our family uses it during our summer camping trips and hiking. No sticky or chemical feel. Great stuff!