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TREK™ Insect Repellent value packs

The Bug Spray You Love to Use

Are you tired of using chemical-filled bug sprays that leave a lingering, unpleasant odor on your skin? Introducing TREK, the perfect solution for keeping pesky insects at bay without harsh chemicals.  

TREK is 100% all-natural and bio based, formulated with a blend of essential oils including  lemongrass, cedarwood, peppermint and geranium. TREK naturally repels insects without  causing harm to you or the environment. TREK is also free from synthetic fragrances and  preservatives, making it great for sensitive skin. 

Not only is TREK the best all-natural bug spray, it also leaves a pleasant, refreshing scent on your skin. Plant-based moisturizers and soothing agents will leave you feeling clean and refreshed. Continuous Spray BOV can technology applies upside-down and is powered by clean air (no flammables).  

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The first all-natural insect repellent that actually moisturizes and cools your skin!

Enjoy ultimate protection from mosquitoes without compromising your decision to use all-natural products. TREK not only repels, but we’ve built moisturizers and menthol-based ingredients (peppermint) that cool and soothe your skin. In fact, this is a first in all-natural options. We guarantee you’ll be thrilled with the results!

Enjoy ultimate protection with a 100% bio-based formulation.

Finally. A personal insect repellent that checks all the boxes!

Frequently Asked Questions about TREK Insect Repellent

Lemongrass and similar essential oils like lemongrass, cedarwood, peppermint and geranium effectively repel mosquitos, house flies, and other pesky insects.

Insect repellent in aerosol cans expire at a much quicker rate than an all-natural insect repellent like Lemongrass Farm’s insect repellent. Their extensive shelf life is due to being hermetically sealed in airtight packaging. TREK insect repellent will last years!

Our natural insect repellents are very effective and long lasting. Additionally they are formulated to cool and moisturize skin unlike repellents made with harsh chemicals.

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27 reviews for TREK™ Insect Repellent value packs

  1. anton

    I love this product! Our family uses during our summer camping trips and hiking. No sticky or chemical feel. Great stuff!

  2. Amanda S

    This product smells amazing! Best part is that I don’t feel I have to shower after using it. Kept mosquitos away for 30-45 minutes and then we reapplied as necessary. Very nice product.

  3. John

    This is the best all-natural repellent on the market. We’ve tried them all. While others are clammy and oily, trek goes on light. It dries fast. And it’s effective. My family uses trek around the home and ball fields and it’s awesome. I bet I’ve helped sell 100 cans of this stuff because everyone who is within smelling distance of trek wants to know what it is. (We usually have to reapply once or twice during a game – but that’s common for a natural product.)
    I will say that trek isn’t for every situation. If you take this product on the Applachiain Trail expecting it to replace your deet product, you’re coming out on the other side sportin bug bites. But for the backyard, home, day outings, etc., this product is perfect!

  4. Lori H

    Feels AMAZING on skin! My husband loves to spray his face with Trek. I thought he was crazy until I tried it. The cool, refreshing effects of this product on my face and skin have made me a customer for life!! I’m in my late 50s and I can’t believe it took the world this long to finally get an insect repellent right. Thanks for a great product!

  5. Robert


  6. Tommy N

    Great on the boat – kept the gnats away!

  7. Vincent M

    Works and smells great but not the best in tall brush.

  8. Samuel J

    Dries fast. Non-oily. Works as advertised.

  9. George P

    great product. please share retailers that stock it!

  10. Sharon R

    wonderful product. love the fragrance.

  11. Joan N

    We used this product two weeks ago at an outdoor concert. Very effective against no see ums and mosquitos. Smells great. I love, love this product!

  12. Charlie D

    Great product! Best all-natural that I’ve used, for sure.

  13. Carl B

    Did a great job of repelling the biting flies on our 30A beach!

  14. Shawna

    Doesn’t sting your shaved legs. The moisturizing effect is real. And it repelled the marsh gnats. For that, I recommend!

  15. Doug P

    Works great during the day and early evening. Nightime on the boat, pull out the other chemicals. This product definitely has its place and works great within that, but don’t mistake this for a deet-based option when headed to the deep outdoors.

  16. Shari R

    I used this product over the past weekend and have fallen in love with a repellent – amazing. This product does not leave a clammy residue on your skin. With other repellents, I want a shower before I go to bed. Not so with Trek. It worked great and felt great. In fact, I looked forward to each time I was able to apply it to my skin. Feels amazing and smells fantastic!

  17. james S

    Got a free can to try and couldn’t wait to get it back to South Padre. We love this product. Works great. Recommend!!

  18. Donnie A

    very nice product. can is too big to fit in most bags.

  19. Clarice K

    Love the packaging! Can’t wait to try it on the Michigan mosquitos!

  20. Rhonda and Jerry

    We brought Trek with us as we traveled on our boat down to Key West. A couple of things: 1. it smells great. We’d apply it in the salon and not think anything about it – compared to other repellents that you go outside to apply. 2. It feels great on your skin – other naturals are sticky because they’re primarily soybean oil or something similar. 3. This product works – other naturals that we’ve used deliver mixed results . We’re still on the boat and we have another can with us. Glad to find this site – will have you guys ship us some. All the best from way down here!

  21. Susan P

    Product works great. Love the packaging. Where can we buy merch???

  22. Wynn J

    Great product!

  23. Jeff B

    Put a can in your golf bag. Great product for the course!

  24. Annie J

    Without a doubt – the all natural best bug repellent!

  25. Laura M

    thanks for a great product!

  26. Andrew B

    You guys knocked this one out of the park. Smells great. It works! It actually made my skin feel fantastic!

  27. Johanssen Q

    Love the lemongrass smell. Branding is over the top!

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