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SCRAM!™ Fly Repellent Value packs

Create a “NO-FLY ZONE”! The first 100% all-natural fly repellent for outdoor dining. Great for picnics, family outings, or barbecue get-togethers to keep the flies away from the party. SCRAM! has a pleasant lemon-citrus scent. Our SCRAM! Fly Repellent is specially formulated to keep flies away.

Simply spray SCRAM! before setting the table, or periodically while gathering. SCRAM! is free of mystery ingredients and formulated with premium high-grade essential oils that have a wonderful botanical aroma.

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SCRAM! Fly Repellent smells great to humans!

SCRAM! lemon-citrus fragrance is created with premium, high-grade essential oils that fill the air with a clean, fresh scent. Don’t ruin an outdoor event with a fly repellent containing nasty chemicals and offensive odors. Our natural fly repellent formula smells great to humans but is hated by flies. SCRAM! is sure to keep pesky flies away without overwhelming you with unpleasant odors.
outdoor fly repellent

Dine in Peace

All Natural Fly Repellent

SCRAM! creates a barrier that repels unwanted guests ensuring a pleasant dining experience. Enjoy your meal in peace without flies with our pleasant-smelling, lemon-citrus fly repellent. A traditional bug spray creates an offensive odor that is sure to disturb an outdoor dining experience nearly as much as the flies they struggle to keep away. SCRAM! Fly Repellant will keep flies at bay. Enjoy your meal and enjoy the outdoors with SCRAM!

SCRAM! Fly Repellent – keep the great outdoors great.

SCRAM!’s outdoor natural fly repellent formulation interferes with the olfactory sensors of flies.

More about SCRAM!

outdoor fly repellent

Application and Use

Lightly mist SCRAM! on the edge, under, and around the dining table minutes before setting it.
Keep SCRAM! handy and if flies reappear, lightly reapply SCRAM! Do not spray directly on food or in the direction of others. Take care to not apply upwind as it may be blown back in your direction. Do not spray in the direction of others as the product could cause mild eye irritation. Also be sure to try our TREK Kids Insect Repellent.

Use SCRAM! anywhere flies are found.

… and many other areas!

Frequently Asked Questions about SCRAM! Fly Repellent

Repel flies naturally with high-quality essential oils like lemongrass, cedarwood, peppermint, and geranium which are found in our all-natural fly repellent.

All-natural essential oils like lemongrass, cedarwood, peppermint and geranium repel flies without the use of harsh chemicals. Try our all-natural fly repellent today! .
A natural fly repellent is a bio-based fly repellent that uses natural essential oils instead of harsh chemicals.
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24 reviews for SCRAM!™ Fly Repellent Value packs

  1. Michelle K.

    This product is wonderful. Highly recommend! Our outdoor bbqs are always interrupted with flies and other insects. Flies are the worst. I decided to give this product a try and I am so glad I did! It smells awesome and with just a light spritz – flies were gone. I was amazed. Scram made our dining experience wonderful. We have continued to use to use it around our outdoor seating areas because we learned that it repels more than just flies. We have a big problem with noseeums and they’re a no-show when we use Scram. I love this because they say it’s made with food-grade essential oils, so I know it’s safe to spray around my pets. Works waaay better than citronella candles.

  2. Bob P

    Smell is incredible! Should be sold as an air freshener that repels flies!

  3. Jayce K.

    We just bought this product for use at our coastal restaurant. Flies are just now beginning to come out, so not a lot of experience with the product yet, but from what we’ve see so far – SO GOOD! Our guests love the smell. Aromatherapy that repels! Definitely recommend based on my experience to date.

  4. Jacob B

    Scram is the Bomb!

  5. Becky S

    Finally! A solution to filthy flies! Works like a charm.

  6. Rick T

    I hate flies and this product has proven perfect for the grill!

  7. Almand J

    A fly repellent made with food grade oils for outdoor dining areas. Makes too much sense. Thanks for a great product!

  8. Terrence O

    Worked well but on a windy day we had to keep applying it. Smells really good, too.

  9. Donna P

    We used this product around our dining table at our daughter’s equestrian event. Needless to say, there are many, many flies around horse events. Scram did an exceptional job of keeping flies away from the table. We sprayed around the table as directed and flies left and did not come back! Can I become a reseller? I can sell this stuff at our events! Thanks for a great product.

  10. Sarah

    I read the reviews and decided what the heck? It does work! No flies. No biting bugs. I’m a happy customer!

  11. Richard M

    got flies? buy this product. I’m a big outdoor griller and hate flies. This product runs them off with just a light spray. Smells great, too!

  12. Ellen S

    Works well. Please consider selling the product in a larger size!

  13. Paul P

    Kept the flies away. Here’s your five stars!

  14. Joan S

    We were given a can and asked to try it. Living in GA, flies are part of every backyard bbq, so we eagerly accepted the challenge. Results were amazingly good! Wind condition will determine how long flies are gone, but they definitely bug out when they smell Scram. A light application (2-3 light sprays) does the job. On average, expect Scram to create anywhere from 15-45 minutes of fly-free dining per application.

  15. Rodney J

    Brought a can with us on our Caribbean vacation. There are no shortage of flies on some of these islands where fruit is decaying next to outdoor restaurants. This product worked great at keeping flies away from our table, passing one of the toughest challenges out there. Good product!

  16. John C

    If you can’t stand flies around your food, buy this product. Highly recommend.

  17. Steve B

    Ehh. I don’t really get it. Smells nice, so three stars.

  18. Kevin B

    Works great around outdoor dining areas but I also use it on my horses. Keeps flies away from their ankles, which is a BIG deal. This product needs to be packaged in a timed emitter for horse stalls.

  19. Brenda C

    Used this for a lakeside picnic where gnats can be terrible. We sprayed ourselves with Trek and then treated the area with Scram. Wow! Worked great and we enjoyed our lunch lakeside! Thanks for a great product.

  20. Beth

    Love this product. Recommend!

  21. Bob C

    Works as advertised.

  22. Jon Y

    Love it! A spray around the campfire kept the noseeums away. It does a real good job with the flies too around the table.

  23. Kathy N

    This was the first fly repellent for outdoor picnic areas so I was anxious to give it a try. It smells phenom and flies made themselves scarce. Great product!

  24. Bill R

    good product!

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