The Best All-Natural Bug Sprays to Use This Year

As the weather gets warmer we all start spending more time outdoors. But along with the sunshine and fresh air comes a frustrating downside: Bugs. No one wants to be dealing with pesky mosquitoes and other insects while trying to enjoy a nice day outside. While there are plenty of chemical insect repellents on the market, many of them contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to both humans and the environment. That’s why it’s important to choose an all-natural insect repellent, like those offered by Lemongrass Farms.

Use Insect Repellents During the Spring and Summer Months

One of the most important parts of enjoying a great summer is keeping bugs away. With all-natural plant-based bug sprays, like Trek™ Insect Repellent, you can ensure your safety and comfort during the spring and summer months. Having an all-natural insect repellent means you don’t have to worry about a long list of synthetic ingredients, like DEET, that may cause irritation or have adverse health effects. Trek Insect Repellent offers plant-based bug sprays that are safe for everyone in your family, plant or animal alike. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re protected from bugs with a natural product. So this spring and summer enjoy outdoor activities without the stress of uninvited bugs.

The Best Insect Repellents for Kids

It’s no secret that the worst part of a child’s time outdoors are the layers of bad-smelling bug spray that need to be applied! Trek™ for Kids is your perfect solution when it comes to finding an insect repellent for your children. Trek’s all-natural bug spray has done the hard work for you, taking out all of the ‘yucky stuff’ usually found in kids’ insect repellents. Lemongrass Farms proudly offers a bug spray that is scientifically approved natural ingredients to keep insects away knowing that young skin deserves special protection. Trek’s best natural bug sprays guarantee lasting protection against even the most resilient of bugs, this summer and beyond!
bug spray for kids

Tips on How To Properly Apply Bug Spray

Spring and summer bring the joy of spending time outdoors, but pesky bugs can snatch some of that joy away. With kids around, applying bug spray properly is an important part of being safe and bug-free. To get the best protection from your kids bug spray, it’s important to make sure you read the instructions, apply enough for full coverage, and reapply after swimming or sweating heavily. Long lasting effectiveness is also key – opt for quality kids bug sprays that last up to 6 hours for complete protection during your outdoor adventures this season. But remember – kids should never apply their own bug repellent without supervision!

What To Expect From Lemongrass Farm’s Insect Repellents

Lemongrass Farms offers all-natural bug sprays made with essential oils that promise to take outdoor protection to the next level. Not only does it ward off pesky bugs, but it also soothes and moisturizes skin while remaining non-oily and quickly drying. With Trek and Trek for Kids you never have to worry about pesky bites or oily residue again – just enjoy the outdoors without a care in the world! There are a lot of bug sprays on the market and finding one that works can be daunting. Trek insect repellent and Trek for Kids Insect Repellent are great options, as they create an effective barrier against bugs. That being said, every person is different and your body may react differently to various types of bug sprays. My suggestion? Find a few that seem promising – Trek Insect Repellent and Trek for Kids Insect Repellent being two great choices – but don’t be afraid to experiment with other brands until you find what works best for you. By investing in a variety of bug sprays this spring, you can experience the joys of summer without pesky bugs getting in your way!
TREK insect repellent

Choose the Next Best All-Natural Bug Spray from Lemongrass Farms

It’s important to be proactive about protecting yourself from bugs during the spring and summer months, and there are a variety of different natural bug sprays that can help you do just that. Lemongrass Farms offers a new, all-natural option that is said to be incredibly effective – so if you’re looking for something new to try this season, be sure to give it a shot. No matter which type of bug spray you choose, the most important thing is that you find one that works well for you and provides the protection you need. So don’t wait – grab some bug spray and enjoy your time outdoors without having to worry about being bitten by pesky insects.

Try out Trek or Trek for Kids, Order online or pick it up at your local retailer!

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